Goddess of Time

from by Ordeals



Desert moonlight..
under which we,the faithful ride!
Fulfilling our Holy sacrifice...
to the Goddess of time!

Yes,their fate was sealed when...
The Order from Heaven's recieved
Her omnipresence cleansed us from pity
and lent cunning..to our deceit!

Doomed,seized and strangled
when the Rhumal completes the Shikar
and thus our Holy oaths fulfilled
In full view of Her three eyes!

The Gor cleanses all my regrets
and heightens my bloodlust
and they! they are hers now!
Buried by time and dust

Broken + Buried
Deep underneath my feet
Sent to thou
the devourer of all things

We cannot be held to task in the next world,for what she demands of us in this one..our forbidden dark belief,why were we chosen if not to do Her will? Divine and hidden..and invincible under her gaze. Privy to great magick,only for our eyes. No remorse. Joy and Elation.

I long for the Desert,and wonder..

I wonder when the Rhumal whips and i pull back
at the end of the feeble struggling,when it all goes black!
Is that when they see her!?
Thrown to oblivion unsaved
when the Kapala fills and the fires BLAZE
Do they see her?


Desert moonlight,Under which the sheep will DIE
Fulfilling our sacrifice,
To the Goddess of TIME


from Apotheosis, released April 23, 2016



all rights reserved


Ordeals New York, New York

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